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What We Thought of The Golden Globes…

… not so much.


The only really important thing was whether host Ricky Gervais would top last year. He did not. Rather he bottomed last year. Whatever magic or bad taste that made the 2011 show so outrageous that it could not be repeated and yet had to be anyway never showed up on NBC Sunday.

There were too many cringeworthy moments to list. One thing is apparent, though. The actual physical intimacy of the Globes in the Beverly Hills ballroom as opposed to the spectacle of the Oscars at the Kodak actually magnifies the painfulness of material that doesn’t quite work or actors that don’t quite have it together. There were moments in this show that were just plain hard to watch.

The Artist won for Best Comedy and The Descendants won for Best Drama even though, if you ask us here @ The Smack, we thought The Artist was plenty dramatic and The Descendants was often funny. The lines are a little fuzzy.

Below, we’ve put links in to the Smackdowns that went with The Golden Globe Award winners. Honestly, we’re pretty sure these reviews are better produced than Sunday’s show. Give ’em a read.

The Artist -vs- Singin’ in the Rain

The Artist (2011) -vs- Singing in the Rain (1952)

(Nicole Marchesani) Computer-generated effects, 3D, surround sound… It’s hard to believe there was a time when the biggest challenge in filmmaking was incorporating the sound of characters talking. The 1952 classic Singin’ in the Rainpays homage to that task while showcasing some of the greatest song-and-dance of its era. With the introduction of talking pictures and color soon to follow, everyone in Hollywood jumped on the bandwagon, and silent, black-and-white films almost instantly became a thing of the past.

Why would anyone want to return to such a time, when it was clear, even back then, there was no market for silent films? Frenchman Michel Hazanavicius, the writer/director of The Artist, disagrees, and he’s out to prove that with creativity and talent, anything is possible. The Artist, Hazanavicius’ silent black-and-white film that opens this week, is already getting a heavy Oscar buzz, but will it make the same kind of lasting impact on moviegoers as its rival, or should we stick with the classics and encourage filmmakers to keep looking forward instead of back? Click Here to Read the Full Smackdown> 

The Descendants -vs- The Boys Are Back

Descendants (2011) -vs- Boys Are Back (2009)

(Art Tiersky)  The good news is, ladies… your dream man is available! And you have your choice of two! And they’re both successful, and they live in beautiful beach towns! The bad news is, how they became available is a really sad story. Actually, two really sad but similar stories.

Oh, and after years of being a passive parent, each one is now suddenly, reluctantly responsible for raising two kids, a rebellious teen and a difficult youngster, on his own.

Oh, and one of them still sees and converses with his dead wife, and the other’s wife isn’t technically dead yet.

Still interested?

Of course you are! You can’t even decide which one you’re more interested in. So let’s take George Clooney in The Descendants and Clive Owen in The Boys are Back and let ’em have at it for this special Gorgeous and Sensitive Widower with Kids Smackdown!  Click here to read the full Smackdown>

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