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The Walking Dead (AMC) vs. Falling Skies (TNT)

The Smackdown

There’s just something about ragtag teams of extended families trying to get by after an apocalypse. It feels like a particularly American fantasy — that when the chips are down, we’ll all put aside our petty differences, realize what’s truly important and come together to kick some ass, whether it be Nazi or Commie or even alien or zombie. The point is that our melting pot really doesn’t get cooking until the heat is applied and the burner’s on high.

These two series are flagship action pieces for their respective networks — The Walking Dead came first on AMC, followed within a year by Falling Skies on TNT. Now both shows are in the home stretch of their lives.  The Walking Dead comes back for its fifth season on October 14 while Falling Skies has just finished its fourth and will come back for a fifth and final season in the summer of 2015.

The United States of America in both of them is a vast wasteland, but not the kind that comes from crappy TV. These two worlds are places where there are only a few survivors left after a global extinction event. Both shows focus on the extreme circumstances of the few who make it through an apocalypse with episodes focused on what we do after the hammer comes down.

The Walking Dead is about existential survival. There’s nobody to get revenge on, just pitiable but lethal former humans to avoid at all costs. Falling Skies, on the other hand, is about fighting back against a military occupation by being willing to give up your own life to give humanity another shot.

It should come as no surprise that both of these series have some pretty loyal fans — there’s even a decent amount of overlap between them — but, as you know, we don’t do ties here. We pick winners. Even in worlds full of losers.

The Walking Dead (AMC)

Imagine waking up one day from a coma and realizing the world has been taken over by flesh-eating zombies. That’s what happens to Sheriff’s Deputy Rick Grimes (Andrew Lincoln). If that sounds a little like the set-up to 28 Days Later, yep, that’s right. Hey, this is a zombie show. It’s about execution, not originality. For real.

Premiering in October 2010, The Walking Dead is based on a comic book series of the same name by Robert Kirkman, Tony Moore and Charlie Adlard, developed for television by Frank Darabont who, after season one, had a falling out with the powers-that-be and left the show.  Then came show runner Glen Mazzara who also had to leave for creative differences.  Now Scott Gimple has the reigns.  They were all working from the same source material which the creative team claims can last them years beyond where they are now.

Without getting into all the details here, it’s been nominated for awards and had sensational ratings for a cable series, initially towering above the network’s two critics’ darlings, Mad Men and Breaking Bad, in viewership, and remaining a powerhouse even now.

www.moviesmackdown.comThese zombies that have taken over the world get the nickname of “Walkers.” They just shuffle along at their own speed. They’re not fast like they are in 28 Days Later or I Am Legend; they’re just persistent and very, very common. You can cut the legs off one and he’ll just keep coming at you, dragging what’s left of his body by his hands. The only way you can stop them (remember, they’re already the walking dead) is to put a bullet, knife, hatchet or some other instrument of destruction through their skull. Like our friend in the picture to the left, there’s not much they like more in life than a good, bloody human body party to gnash on. Oh, and if they bite you? Well, you turn into one of them. Game over.

Back to Sheriff’s Deputy Grimes. He eventually finds his wife Lori, son Carl, best friend Shane and some other hangers-on with names like Glenn and T-Dog and takes over the leadership role of the small group. This all takes place in the Atlanta area. They soon find out the city has been overtaken by the zombies and leave for the country, where they spend some time at a nice farm raising vegetables and hunting zombies and fighting about who among them is smart or courageous enough to keep them all alive. Particularly Rick, the guy who gets to wear the hat, and his on-again, off-again best friend Shane, who gets to shave his head.

It’s not my intent to ridicule the concept here but to acknowledge that its beauty was in its simplicity. The world was set. Now for the execution.  Well, for starters, they actually did execute — major stars, like the wife and the best friend and the friendly old guy and… well, you get the picture.  This is a show that finds its reality in letting characters die.  Except that Rick and Carl look like they’re gonna make it, but you never know.

Think of The Walking Dead as the thinking person’s zombie thriller. There are moral dilemmas, love triangles, leadership struggles, kids growing up too fast, doomsday sex and all kinds of other issues that serve to emphasize the humanity of the characters, rather than the inhumanity of those mindless zombie hoards.

It’s the kind of story-telling you can really sink your teeth into.

Falling Skies (TNT)

In June 2011, Falling Skies â€” a series about the aftermath of a near-extermination of humanity by some hostile ETs — debuted on TNT. It revolves around Tom Mason (Noah Wyle) who was a history professor before the disaster and now, in its aftermath, is part of the Boston-based militia group known as the 2nd Massachusetts. His wife died in the attacks; now it’s just Tom and his three boys. More on them in a minute.

The pedigree of the series is good, with Steven Spielberg as an executive producer and Robert Rodat the writer/creator. These guys know a good war story when they see one, having collaborated on Saving Private Ryan.

www.moviesmackdown.comWhile The Walking Dead seems (so far) to be about only one kind of zombie threat, Falling Skies has a collection of extra-terrestrial hostiles. There are the biological kind, instectoid, multi-legged Skitters like the creepy-crawler over on the left; the mechanical kind, the robotic, heavily armed, bipeds called Mechs (Techs-Mechs, anyone?); and some other gray-skinned humanoid types we don’t know too much about yet.  There are bad aliens, good aliens, good humans gone alien, and even good humans gone alien then gone human again.

What we know is that, to borrow from the great sci-fi series Battlestar Galactica, the bad guys “have a plan.” It apparently involves booby-trapping any place that humans could get life-saving supplies, scavenging the countryside for the parts to build giant towering structures in major cities (landing platforms?), and kidnapping young humans and putting them into bio-mechanical harnesses that dig into their spine and render them, well, like zombies, except for the flesh-eating part.

So, of course, Tom’s middle son, Ben, gets captured and harnessed and Tom’s oldest, playing the series’ teen heartthrob role of Hal, becomes a freedom fighter like his Dad and, before the first season was out, they’ve reunited what’s left of their ravaged family. The ragtag group they belong to is pretty big, involving hundreds of non-combatant civilians and the soldiers who escort them out of harm’s way, led by a Captain Weaver (Will Patton), who wears a pony-tail to show that in this newfangled Army, it’s how you handle yourself and your weapon that matters, not your hairstyle. There’s also a pediatrician named Dr. Anne Glass (Moon Bloodgood — her real name sounds pretty zombie-like, dontcha think?) who has had to step up her game to include surgery and exobiology. And if you’re wondering if the widowed Tom and the caring Dr. Anne might just hook up for some doomsday sex of their own, well, yes, and it led to a baby.  In alien invasion genre pieces, you just know that having a baby is bad news and Falling Skies is no exception.

The series will wrap up in 2015 and as 2014 wound down it looked like the humans had scored a big victory and were about to take the offensive.  All is not rosy, however, Tom got lost after blowing up a big alien power core on the moon (our moon, not the actress who plays his wife).

The Scorecard

Let’s talk about stakes. Basically, they’re death in both shows. But there’s a netherworld in both between the dead and the living, too. Becoming a brainless killing-machine zombie sucks as purgatory, but so does getting harnessed by alien spiders and forced to treat the entire world like a garage sale.

All I’m going to say here in defense of The Walking Dead is that if you look at that picture at the beginning of this post that features the five original cast members, Rick is the only guy who’s around much anymore. I think Andrew Lincoln’s job is secure as the Man-in-the-Hat, but beyond that, I’d have to say it’s an open question. In Falling Skies, people do die but they tend to be supporting characters and not the main cast.

Falling Skies serves up a decent amount of firepower in every episode. The Walking Dead is inconsistent in this regard, like every other production meeting comes with an admonishment from the studio that if they go over budget this week, heads are going to roll. The Falling Skies ragtaggers are on the move a lot more, or more active, while The Walking Dead group has taken side trips, like an unexpectedly long slow summer on the farm, a visit to a town and then a prison. Maybe that has to do with the languid pace of Southern living, even in an apocalypse, I don’t know.

Falling Skies is way more effects driven what with aliens, ray guns and space ships while Walking Dead spends its budget on gory effects and makeup.  The Walking Dead falls in the horror genre while Falling Skies lands strongly in science fiction. It’s mostly in the “who do they fight?” structure of it all and what that dictates, but there’s no question it forces certain choices on each series creative team. This means you’ll find more “creature effects” in The Walking Dead, as the zombies are makeup driven, and more CGI in Falling Skies in order to sell the alien technology.

On one very basic level, the two series are about how much you as a viewer buy into the journeys of Deputy Grimes (Lincoln) versus Boston history professor Mason (Wyle). I didn’t know Lincoln’s work as an actor before this series. He’s got a lot to do between his family responsibilities and his group dynamic and, in many of the episodes, the writers made him a little too conflicted to the point where his character suffered and the ultimate badass Shane came out looking like the only sane man who realized all the rules had changed.  In my opinion, though, Andrew Lincoln has stepped up magnificently.  His American accent (he’s British) is spot on and his intensity feels real even when he occasionally is sent by writers into momentary bouts of nonsense.

Now, Noah Wyle we all know, going back to his days as the rube doctor on E/R who grows into being the guy in charge. Always did like him in that series and that coolness he carries in his performance really works for him in Falling Skies. Why should a guy get too hysterical when the world has gone to shit and half his family is dead? Better to keep it on the down-low and carry an extra backpack full of ammo. He’s terrific in this series, and really has dialed into how to play this character who is taking it one day at a time in a brand new world.

There are many fans who will argue this point, but I generally think the characters in both series are very good and developing decently over time. The Walking Dead gets the very slight edge — the Falling Skies ensemble seems to remind me more often that they’re just acting in a TV series, no matter how much talent and money has been thrown at it. But it’s close.

Both shows seem to be playing around with rules they set up, either by design or necessity. It’s clear now that what turns you into a zombie in later episodes of The Walking Dead time has evolved from what it was at the series start. By the same token, Falling Skies originally set us up to realize that these Skitters may be as pathetic as our own captured human kids who seem to be mutating. Point here to Falling Skies, because there are so many unknowable alien agendas yet to be revealed, while The Walking Dead is unlikely to come up with the concept of intelligent calculating zombies out of the shuffling lot they have now (although there are signs of some interesting zombie groupthink happening).

Another key difference here is what the characters actually do about their predicaments. The Falling Skies team falls back on classic military stuff, gathering intel on the enemy, plotting strategy and so on. But The Walking Dead people are just trying to get out of the way, to find a place to chill where rotten flesh doesn’t haul its sorry ass after you because its way hungry. They don’t seem to have much of a plan. Generally, I like characters to have plans, even if they’re somewhat formulaic.

Both series have explored another similar story element — the idea that even though we have to fight zombies or extraterrestrials, there is no getting away from the reality that there are going to be some asshole humans out there willing to take advantage of even this horrific situation. This was a must-do for both, since there are really no stakes in turning a series into a first-person shooter game where the prey can be killed on sight with no moral consequence.

Both shows get one thing absolutely right. The apocalypse will not be awesome. Life is hard, very hard, and there’s no getting around it. You want an image of what happens when you get this wrong? Think of Terra Nova. Those characters should have been scrapping for their lives to avoid being eaten by dinosaurs, but instead they all had condos with running water, hot showers and electricity. If Terra Nova had adopted the urgency of the two series we’re talking about here, it would still be around. But I digress…

The Decision Follows This Image

The Decision

There’s a freshness to The Walking Dead and a familiarity to Falling Skies. Zombies haven’t been over-exposed on mainstream TV like aliens have. Neither show can escape this reality, and it can cut both ways.

I’m conflicted. The second season of The Walking Dead wasn’t quite as propulsive as it could have been and the first season of Falling Skies surprised expectations and shows promise. But I can’t go out sounding like Mitt Romney.

We need a winner. If you deconstruct these shows the way I just did, you end up with a yellow legal pad full of pluses and minuses for both and no clear path to a judgment. The only way to solve this one is to close your eyes and ask yourself which one you’re most anxious to see return and which one feels the most emotionally powerful.

With my eyes closed, I can feel that one of them is a very good TV show worth watching and the other is a genre-bender with heart and dread. Something powerful.

When I open my eyes, I see the winner. For me, it’s The Walking Dead.

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24 Comments on The Walking Dead (AMC) vs. Falling Skies (TNT)

  1. I cannot believe there is even a comparison attempting to be drawn between such a visceral, unforgiving and bleak reality (Walking Dead) and the Sci-Fi, WB version of V (Falling Skies). Aside from the seeming end of the world as we know it, the conflicts and cares and believability are amiss. I didn’t like WD when I began it – mainly because I couldn’t stomach the gore and I have had my fill of watching youtube and independent producers on how the worlds governments are capable of creating zombies – not a pleasant mindset right before bed. After some time though, this show got to me. I relate more and more to Rick and the struggle between ‘this fighting will never end’ and ‘I have no choice but to never stop fighting’. There is this sickening sense of urgency and fear that is so primal it invades all civility. Rick manages to pick and choose his battles and he becomes more ruthless but always with heart – if that is possible. He does it! Falling Skies has none of this. I watch it and I don’t care about the characters – mainly because I don’t believe them. I sometimes feel sorry for the aliens, although I know they’re supposed to be the ‘bad guys’. The choice to make the aliens the way they did discounted the show big time for me. If they had used the concept of the world reknown spooky greys, who may be small, but can get inside your mind, or paralyze you, or alter your reality state, that would have been more ominous. WD started weak, but grew stronger and more dank and gray as real life does and as real life would if this became reality. FS blew it from the get go. The only person who looks like he’s getting into character is Noah – he looks in duress and dirty – a midst all the other cleanly scrubbed cast members. It’s just not fair to compare the two. If I had to follow a leader, it would be Rick. Noah has no worthy followers so it’s not completely his fault. Perhaps that look of duress on his face is simply that of “what did I sign up for with this show?”

    • Nice comment. I hope you put your outrage to good use and vote for WD and get your friends to join you. As for whether it’s reasonable to compare them or not, that’s kind of the concept of the site, and we appreciate your passion in writing!

  2. The walking skies

  3. twd is way better!! fs is so damn predictable it aint funny
    ….uhh like no one from the main family dies ever!!!
    every season u can predict which new character will die on fs
    not even close….

  4. I tried to watch The Walking Dead last year. The first four episodes are what I saw. Meh, I was kinda bored, but not the worst show in the world. The action was great, but it was very dark and depressing. In addition, not all that much action…just a lot of standing around in silence, walking, talking, looking for people, more walking around, talking some more, etc…

    Now, on the other hand, yesterday I started watchinf Falling Skies. Now, a day later, I am on season 2 episode 4. I have never been this enthralled in a series. The characters and storyline are far more interesting. So I choose FS hands down. I doubt I will watch anymore of TWD.

  5. hands down FS is better… im not even going to say more, everyone knows why 😀

  6. i think that the walking dead is better than the falling skies

  7. i think the falling skies is better

  8. Just started watching Falling Skies, it’s so good. In fact I think it may be a better adaptation of The Walking Dead comic than TWD show. Not even saying it’s ripping off TWD comic just that it hits all the ragtag survivors living in an unforgiving post apocalyptic America that TWD comic does and it does it much better than TWD tv show, and FS is much better at character progression than WD tv adaptation. FS just isn’t willing to kill true main characters. Quit watching TWD during season 3 btw

  9. TWD lost me after season 2. I don’t like the way the writers have decided to show no progress toward a resolution or even a desire to find a solution for the humans in TWD. The Walking Dead is just a bunch of zombie killing every week. Poor dialogue and mediocre acting. I read that they do not intend to bring into the story line any aspect of the humans searching for a resolution to their situation or try to find a way to make things better it is just kill or be killed.

    I think TWD is generally a mindless show while I enjoy the science fiction of Falling Skies and the logical progression of the story line which includes the characters evolving and searching for a resolution to the situation(s) they encounter. The characters are essentially intelligent and complex and the acting is much better in Skies.

  10. Falling Skies is Way Better A lot of people say that the walking dead is good but if falling skies switched to amc and walking dead went to tnt falling skies would be the show that everyone is talking about

  11. my vote goes to falling skies! the shootouts look REAL on the walking dead the only thing that looks teal is when they hit a zombie in the head with a hammer……… i mean how hard is it to put a blank in the gun instead of the shitty computer graphics

  12. I’m a fan of both shows, but my nod has to go to Falling Skies. One is science fiction while the other is horror fiction. Falling Skies is more believable because most intelligent people know the science of the trillions of stars and the mega trillions of planets and moons are out there and it’s not hard to do the math and realize that it highly probable that there is more intelligent life than us out there. Much of science fiction eventually becomes fact (think James Bond’s dashboard tracking device, Capt. Kirk’s communicator). Zombies are fun, but not very believable.

  13. Seriously the walking dead best show? They drestroyed the spirit, the story and characters of the comicbook … this is just crap. i don’t have see all issue of Falling skies for now but it’s much better… seriously guys u want a good zombie show take Dead set

  14. Both have their pluses and minuses, but the 2nd season of walking dead was just horrible, where as falling skies seems to be progressing nicely.

    Both shows are enjoyable, but while I see falling skies improving, like I said the 2nd season of walking dead tarnishes what progress was made during the 1st season.

  15. I like both shows and find it pretty hard to pick which is better . It seems when one finishes it’s season the other starts a new one . I’d have to pick Falling Skies , because they’re constantly fighting the unknown aliens that pop up in a show , and you may not be able to kill them . I think The Walking Dead is great , too , but I think they could figure out how to deal with or eliminate the zombies that should of stayed dead . A tough pick .

  16. Walking dead is awesome! the plot is great! The writing and special effects are “Theatrical” in scope. The characters have been developed with integrity so that we ( the viewer) can really get “involved” in the story line. I like that the weiters have not made any character “off limits” when it comes to “killing off someone. You truely are at the edge of your seat not knowing from one minute to the next who might be next to die. I have never seen a t.v. show that has done that before. NOT PREDICTABLE in any way….and I love that!

  17. walking dead is better

  18. How is it possible that WALKING DEAD is getting crushed by FALLING SKIES? How is it possible???

    C’mon, Dead-Heads, spread the word on this and make this right!

  19. I love Falling Skies!!!!! I just think it’s a great tv show. great acting

  20. I love both shows and I find them both very stimulating. The hard part about Falling Skies is having to wait so long for the next season. Right now I pick WD and I can’t wait to see what happens next. I also liked Terra Nova and am upset about it being cancelled. Dinosaurs are pretty much a mystery and seeing how and where they live gives us an insight into how they possibly lived and putting ordinary people in with them is new and has great possibilities. I was disapppointed in the lack of wildlife but it was still a good show. I guess we’ll never know what is waiting in the Badlands.

  21. I love Falling Skys. Just reading about The Walking Dead and I know I’ve made the right decision to not what such an awful show.

    • Hey man don’t go by what you have read about The Walking Dead. You should really check it out!!!!!!! It is one of the best shows ever for real!! It is deffinantly the best show since Super Natural first came out!!! It is def worth just watching a episode or 2 to see if you like it or not!!!!!! For real bro check it out!!!

      • Oops I thought your name said carlos, lol, sorry about that!!!! Still you should check it out. It is mainly about how a person would change and what morals would be looked over or lost to survive or protect the ones you love. Really it is……AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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