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The Oscar as the Ultimate Smackdown

January 30, 2012 Bryce Zabel 2

Despite the major studios’ insistence on making primarily mega-budget, tent-pole, comic-book, sequel-remake, monster-alien-scifi films as their bread-and-butter, challenging and compelling original films do get made every year through alternative means. And, despite the harping and complaining we all do, there always seems to be a great crop that bridge the divide and are worth saluting. Those are the kinds of films that the Academy Awards gravitate to as their nominees. […]

The Grey (2012) -vs- The Edge (1997)

January 27, 2012 Sarah Harding 5

When it comes to high profile, scenery-chewing actors lost in the wild, Mother Nature sure can be a bitch. In The Grey and The Edge it’s Man vs. Nature, Man vs. Man, and Actors vs. Script. It’s survival of the fittest, Smackdown-style. […]

On The End

January 26, 2012 Adam Gentry 0

This is it.

Here we go…

Today’s screenings:

Price Check: Perennial Sundance favorite Parker Posey plays Susan, a newly hired, incredibly manic boss who turns her department upside down and inside out, wreaking particular havoc on the life of nice guy/worker-bee Pete Cozy (Eric Mabius). […]

Man on a Ledge (2012) -vs- Inside Man (2006)

January 26, 2012 Arthur Tiersky 0

A bank robbery that isn’t really a bank robbery!

A suicide attempt that isn’t really a suicide attempt!

A Jodie Foster performance that isn’t really good!

A movie star who isn’t really an actor!

Yes, nothing is what it seems this week, except that this really is a Smackdown of the new Man on a Ledge and 2006’s Inside Man, two heist movies, each set mostly on one long day in Manhattan, and neither of them are Dog Day Afternoon. Are you kiddin’ me? Fuhgetaboutit. […]

On Early Mornings at the End

January 26, 2012 Adam Gentry 1

Four screenings on the docket today, so let’s get to ’em:

Goats: A chance to go to this Sundance screening popped up at the last minute yesterday, when a colleague offered me an extra ticket, and I grabbed it, despite it’s 9 a.m. starting time. […]

On Graffiti, Mental Athleticism, Comic Books and the French

January 25, 2012 Adam Gentry 1

Now that the weekend’s screenings and events are behind us, Park City’s a much quieter town. Personally, that’s just fine with me. As terrific as all excitement’s been, it’s nice to know I’ll be able to make it up Main Street to a screening without having to fight my way past a ton of people. It’s been warmer over the past few days, but, as I write this, it’s 18 degrees (F). That’s eighteen degrees, people. This is the kind of temperature at which your memories of the fourth grade start feeling the cold. […]

On Day 4

January 24, 2012 Adam Gentry 0

My quads are sore from walking uphill. My body grows weary of the late nights and early(ish) mornings. My… well… every fiber of my being resounds against trekking through the slush for hour after hour. […]

The Devil Inside (2012) -vs- The Last Exorcism (2010)

January 23, 2012 Arthur Tiersky 4

Sweet, innocent-looking women shrieking the most foul profanities imaginable!

Limbs cracking and twisting in impossible ways!

Video cameras jiggling and swaying frantically!

Bodily fluids spewing willy-nilly!

Okay, so far, it sounds like a typical Charlie Sheen date, but throw “demonic possession” into the mix, and you have our latest Smackdown, a grueling battle of evil vs. evil between two shaky-cam mockumentary Exorcist ripoffs, the just-released The Devil Inside and 2010’s The Last Exorcism. […]

On Recharging

January 23, 2012 Adam Gentry 0

Fortunately, today was quite a bit warmer than the icy deluge that was Saturday night, and by warmer, I mean it was in the mid-30’s (F) with the sun out. It’s strange how fast one grows grateful for the slightest hint of sun when it’s been absent for any length of time. My Monday will be packed with screenings, receptions and post-events, but today (Sunday) evolved into an unexpected day to recharge my batteries. […]

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