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Jonathan Freund

Jonathan FreundJonathan Freund

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Jonathan Freund is a recovering screenwriter who still feels compelled on occasion to unburden his passion for movies in some written form. No, nothing of his ever made it onto a screen, except for a rewrite of a French-Norwegian production that shall remain nameless even though you are unlikely to find it anywhere.

For some 25 years he worked in theater, film and television, at The Manhattan Theater Club, Williamstown Theater Festival, Paramount Pictures, HBO, Warner Bros. and Punch Productions. As an editor of The Official Star Trek Fact Files, he wrote The Star Trek A-Z, a 9000-entry serialized encyclopedia, and articles such as Baseball in the 24th Century.

Jonathan was then blown by a strong internal wind onto the shores of Jewish Studies and Education. He has worked for the Survivors of the Shoah Visual History Foundation, and taught everywhere he could. He has written about ethical conundrums of the Holocaust in Murder Most Merciful, as well as about anti-Semitism, and was a contributor to the 2007 edition of the Encyclopedia Judaica. He has edited reader’s guides and sourcebooks on Elie Wiesel, S.Y. Agnon, Dara Horn, Geraldine Brooks and Jewish Poetry.

As the current Director of Educational and Interreligious Programs at the Board of Rabbis of Southern California-Jewish Federation of Greater Los Angeles, and an adjunct professor of Interreligious Studies at Claremont Lincoln University, he could tell you about all sorts of smackdown.

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