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Oregon based media and communications consultant Mark Sanchez is on the fifth or sixth step of his recovery program from his career as a television news reporter. And that’s the way it is.

He’s worked at a string of TV stations out west — KOOL in Phoenix, KPIX in San Francisco, KABC and KTTV in Los Angeles, KVOA in Tucson, KGGM in Albuquerque and KOIN in Portland. He’s chased stories, chased cars and even, we hear, chased girls, but they gave him his Emmy for his news pursuits.

Mark currently owns and operates his own business, Mark Connects. He considers himself a client advocate, connecting people with stories to tell with people in the media who need to hear them. If you read his pithy pages on his site, you’ll see the names of a lot of very important people saying awfully nice things about him. Things they were not paid to say, we might add.

Mark has been an Oregonian since the Reagan administration and shows no signs of leaving. He lives in Portland — a city that is famous for its transit system, its rain, its independent film community and, lately, for the TV series Portlandia, which Mark notes is about half-true, but to protect confidential sources he won’t say which half.