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Arthur Tiersky

Art Tiersky - Contributing WriterArthur Tiersky

Contributing Writer

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Arthur Tiersky is all things to all people. Except for you.

He has written a variety of things about a variety of things. He has worked as a screenwriter for studios and independent companies, penned a few episodes of the NBC animated show Shelldon, and has several scripts under option. His short film Good Cop, Bad Cop is, so he’s been told, pretty cool.

He has written film criticism for and and has now hit the trifecta with He has also blogged about poker, politics, Survivor and most notoriously, his 14-day diet of nothing but Ben & Jerry’s ice cream, on which he lost 11 pounds.

Tiersky has been on three game shows, Jeopardy!, Merv Griffin’s Crosswords and Win Ben Stein’s Money, on which he did in fact do what the title suggested.

He grew up in the Chicago area, attended Oberlin College and has lived in Los Angeles for most of his adult life. In his current, temporary incarnation, he and his two cats reside in Las Vegas, where he is a dealer for the World Series of Poker.

No, really.