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James Cameron -vs- Ex-Mrs. Cameron

Bfca_logoFriday night in the Critics' Choice Awards, James Cameron's "Avatar" lost out to Kathryn Bigelow's "The Hurt Locker" in the BEST PICTURE category. Bigelow used to be married to Cameron. Ouch.

It got a little more uncomfortable. Cameron also lost to Bigelow in the BEST DIRECTOR category, too. More ouch.

0001a0_2 When Bigelow and her team came off the stage after winning their top award, however, Cameron was one of the first to congratulate his ex- and the film's writer, Mark Boal. He also joined in a standing ovation for her when she won. If she repeats this at the Oscars, she'll be the first female to win that top award in the directing category. We have our DGA nominee poll in this post if you want to express yourself.

Who knows what all this means to the upcoming awards season? The Critics Choice Awards are handed out by the Broadcast Film Critics Association, a group of more than 200 television, radio and Internet critics who are the same cats who say things like "A film that will change your life!" so they can be quoted in film advertising. The Oscars get voted on by people that actually make films, and the DGA awards get voted on by people who actually direct films. Opinions will differ.

Still, we did like "The Hurt Locker."  In case any studios are listening, here at Movie Smackdown we think it's "a film that will change your life!"

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  1. ya
    Stephen i am agree with your comment.Mr Cameron always did well. But comparison is nice. thanks for sharing your thought with us.

  2. Very well deserved, Ms. Bigelow!

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