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The Smack Seen ‘Round the World: Bullock -vs- Streep

0001a0_2 What was she thinking?

Sandra Bullock and Meryl Streep tied for BEST ACTRESS at this year's Critics' Choice Awards. This led Bullock to either a) lose her mind, b) go for some kind of Oscar-attention-grabbing agenda by creating the photo seen round the world or c) succumb to the same Streep sex appeal that neither Alec Baldwin nor Steve Martin could resist in "It's Complicated." We usually review films here but, just this once, we felt that maybe this moment should be preserved for history.  

Bullock -vs- Streep, 2010 @ Movie Smackdown

Not that there has to be any real reason other than the sheer theatricality of the moment but it does make you wonder. Sandra Bullock is riding high for her role in "The Blind Side," a film that Christian audiences really helped make a hit. Can't imagine they were thrilled by Sandra's open-mouthed assault on Streep but, hey, everyone knows things get a little crazy out in Hollywood. From a PR point of view, it does give Bullock a lot of attention and press for a "who cares" awards show, but is it the right kind of attention? Did she plan it? What'd you think?

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3 Comments on The Smack Seen ‘Round the World: Bullock -vs- Streep

  1. The most non-sexual kiss in television history! Yawn.

  2. The Critic’s Choice awards were carried on VH1, attracting a rather smallish audience and carrying little weight. Bullock’s extravagant gesture put her very big night in the tabloids all over the map. Or perhaps she was trying to suck out some of Ms. Streep’s talent and career longevity, vampire-style. Either way, here we are talking about her surprise win a day later so clearly, it’s working. You go, grrrrrl.

  3. I love the look on Meryl Streep’s face in the first photo. WTF?!?!

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