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Stephen Colbert Photobombs Jon Stewart at the Emmys

“Why,” Stephen Colbert must be thinking, “am I always in Jon Stewart’s shadow?”

“Anyone can see that my hair is as better than Stewart’s grandfatherly silver mane. (And it’s WAY better than Bryce Zabel’s, the Movie Smackdown guy who seems to be sprucing up his ‘do with a lovely red tiara in this picture.) Yet Jon gets the earlier time slot; the adulation of throngs of bra-less, young, Communist sympathizers, many of whom are women; and the boatful of Emmys for The Daily Show —10 straight now for Outstanding Variety Series, the longest streak in Emmy history. Clearly, it’s all the result of a left-wing, liberal, Hollywood conspiracy.”

It’s understandable then that Colbert would take this opportunity to photo-bomb Stewart and Zabel at the Emmy Governors Ball, even though, ultimately, as this picture shows, he still remains eclipsed by his more prominent Comedy Central stable mate. Ironically, Stewart, being the modest and humble guy that he is, would probably love to have shared a few of his 18 Emmys (including eight for writing) with Colbert.

Well, maybe one or two anyway.

Movie Smackdown congratulates both Stewart and Colbert for redefining the gold standard of late-night TV. And don’t worry, Stephen, your time will surely come… if not in the eyes of the Emmy voters, then at least with some of those wanton, Hollywood harlots. They can’t all be part of the 47 percent. Can they?

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