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VOTE NOW: Rom-Com Smackdown in Time for Valentine’s Day

0001an Valentine's Day (the holiday & the movie) is just around the corner, and we are overcome with thoughts of love. Even here at Movie Smackdown, we are not so heartless or cynical as you might think. We wish fervently that every new rom-com that comes to the theaters will be The One.

Our personal memories mingle seamlessly with our movie memories; classic romantic comedies make the sweetest and most thoughtful gift, longer lasting than any box of chocolates or long-stemmed roses. 

Celebrate with us to find our readers' all-time favorite Romantic Comedy. Many of our favorite films didn't make the poll; we apologize most heartily if we've neglected to include yours. 

Rom Com Poll  

Please vote; the winner will get smacked with "Valentine's Day," Garry Marshall's much-anticipated latest entry to this rich (if troubled) genre.

Here's the poll.

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Express Yourself Now that you've voted… we'd love to have you tell us what you liked and why. Or what film you wish had been included in our poll in addition to:

Amelie, Annie Hall, Bridget Jones's Diary, Four Weddings and a Funeral, Green Card, Jerry Maguire, Love Actually, Pretty Woman, The Graduate, and When Harry Met Sally.

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