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VOTE NOW: Valentine’s Day Rom-Com Smackdown

0001an Valentine's Day is just around the corner, and we are overcome with thoughts of love. Even here at Movie Smackdown, we are not so heartless or cynical as you might think. We wish fervently that every new rom-com that comes to the theaters will be The One.

Our personal memories mingle seamlessly with our movie memories; classic romantic comedies make the sweetest and most thoughtful gift, longer lasting than any box of chocolates or long-stemmed roses. 

Celebrate with us to find our readers' all-time favorite Romantic Comedy. Many of our favorite films didn't make the poll; we apologize most heartily if we've neglected to include yours. 

Rom Com Poll  

Please vote; the winner will get smacked with "Valentine's Day," Garry Marshall's much-anticipated latest entry to this rich (if troubled) genre.

Here's the poll.

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Express Yourself Now that you've voted… we'd love to have you tell us what you liked and why. Or what film you wish had been included in our poll in addition to:

Amelie, Annie Hall, Bridget Jones's Diary, Four Weddings and a Funeral, Green Card, Jerry Maguire, Love Actually, Pretty Woman, The Graduate, and When Harry Met Sally.

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A comedy writer who created the 1980s hit show Kate & Allie, Sherry Coben — tired of malingering in development hell — has enjoyed coaching a high school ComedySportz team in SoCal, making a no-budget, high-ambition webisode series, and biting the hand that feeds her.

12 Comments on VOTE NOW: Valentine’s Day Rom-Com Smackdown

  1. I agree that Harold and Maude would be a great addition to the list. I would also add my personal two faves, Return to Me and While You Were Sleeping. I’m a sucker for a happy ending!

  2. LOL! Yeah, she DOES get annoyed with me when I don’t want to watch the latest pop-culture influenced RomCom!

  3. Good luck stayin’ married there, Rodney!

  4. Love Actually. That, or Notting Hill. I know they both have Hugh Grant in them, but these are the only two RomComs I’ll actually sit through. My good wife often bemoans the fact that I won’t watch any others, but that’s her problem, not mine. My life limit is two.

  5. I understand your difficulty and admire your solution. I included Amelie because I just plain love that film. And it is romantic. And a comedy. So which movie DID you choose?

  6. Oooh. Good one, Ethan. Sort of transcends the genre but then again, so do Annie Hall and The Graduate.

  7. Tough, tough choices. To even make a decision, I had to eliminate three films for contrived reasons. I dumped Annie Hall, The Graduate and Amelie. I threw them out of the category. I know, I know. . . unfair. The Graduate I definitely don’t see as a romantic comedy. I love all of those films for different reasons. Amelie was the hardest to push out. I just closed my eyes and pretended it isn’t a Rom Com. After I rationalized that move, it was easier. I’m all for the marathon too.

  8. Annie Hall versus The Graduate? That’s like choosing between family members. (I will say, however, that if Harold and Maude were here, that would have and will always be my first pick).

  9. I’m actually surprised that there are that many good options to choose from. I’d be all for a marathon with most of these movies. But ultimately my vote had to go to Amelie. It’s not only really sweet and smart, but also beautiful to look at.

  10. Good choices, Cathy. We can blame/thank Jane Austen for the entire genre. Don’t you wish you could vote more than once?

  11. I voted for Amelie … adorable and charming. I liked Green Card and Love, Actually and the others.
    maybe not romantic comedy but I add to my list, Chocalat and Sense and Sensibility.

  12. A lot of good selections here. I’d love to have an all-day marathon.
    …Actually, that’s not a bad Valentine’s Day plan.

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