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The Smackdown Polls Are Open!

Smackpolls This just in:  Batman is kicking Spider-Man’s ass… The End of the World is too close to call… and the famous runner with the French name is in a dead heat with himself…

We know, we know.  Even Gallup can’t seem to get the polls right this election year, and blog polls are even more unreliable than most. Still, it just seems like a site that reviews two films in competition with each other is a natural for a little reader participation.

We have a number of open polls at this time and you’re invited to join in.  All of them are located at the end of the reviews you can click on below.  Several of them have see-sawed the lead back-and-forth and have hundreds of voters.  A couple of those were actually tied on last check.  We can’t claim that they’re scientific but they’re unique and they’re fun and lots of people have voted.  Plus, they’re free!!  So, here they are, drop on in and express yourself…

After you vote, you’ll be able to see how many people have voted and what the current results are.  You’ll be surprised by a few of them.  We were.

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