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From the Editor: O13…O12…O11…You’re getting sleepy…

Since this summer seems to be the year of three (see our previous posts here and here), we may soon have to change our banner to read:
“Three Films, One Review, No Holds Barred.”  For the time being, though, we’re simply going to send Smackdown ref Mark Sanchez out into the theaters today to review “Oceans 13.” He promises to tell us “whether it gives the franchise renewed vigor, or drives a stake through its heart?” Mark may be thinking of the “Blade” franchise… we’ll have to get back to you on that…

Who knows? One of our other refs may smack the men of Ocean down against something else, that’s the beauty of the Movie Smackdown! concept, right? By the way, we’ve re-designed our “Meet the Critics” page so you should check out the refs, complete with links to their past reviews.

Finally, a shout-out to the critic’s critic Roger Ebert who is back in the theater seats again this summer and, with O13, has his own review. Great to read your stuff again, Roger!

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