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Spider-Man Gets New Threads

Who Wears the Blue-and-Red Best? Tobey or Andrew?

Now that re-boots are planned while the last re-boot is finishing its run, it’s back to the beginning for Spider-Man in the new imagining. Because this version known as The Amazing Spider-Man is set in high school, it’s out with old-man Tobey Maguire and in with new-guy Andrew Garfield. Although to be honest, Garfield is like only seven years younger than Maguire and would probably last about five minutes in a real high school before somebody outed him as an undercover cop or something.

But this is Hollywood, so never mind. Along with the new actor, Spidey is getting a new costume. And the new costume is getting its coming out party in this week’s Entertainment Weekly with a cover splash (seen here) and a collection of other photos showing off the new look.

No one has yet noted that there are precious few blue-and-red spiders out there. This whole favorite costume straw poll then is not about accuracy because, if it was, then Venom’s would probably be the winner, even as a write-in.

We first got a look at the new suit six months ago, so in the carefully orchestrated run up to release, it’s time to throw some more fuel on the fire. It’s all timed for fan boys and girls in anticipation of next week’s trailer premiere and San Diego Comic-Con panel. That trailer is rumored to be first seen by the public in advance of the July 22nd release of Captain America: The First Avenger.

The Entertainment Weekly article quotes Garfield as saying: “I related to Peter Parker so much because I felt like someone else inside. I loved the comic books and the animated TV series and I even dressed up as Spider-Man as a kid.”

Garfield must be in arachnid heaven then in this jazzed up new suit of clothes. Based on the pictures, he’s noticeably thinner than Maguire, making him almost Ditko-esque in appearance. Points for that from fans, we’re thinking.

We never miss a shot around here at the Smack to put something to a vote of the people. We’re very populist that way. We could probably let our readers solve the deficit debacle by a vote but we won’t over-reach. Instead, we’re just going to let you vote on the new costume. Which one floats your boat? Let us know your decision and we’ll alert the authorities…

Let the hype continue! ‘Nuff said.

The Amazing Spider-Man will be released July 3, 2012.

5 Comments on Spider-Man Gets New Threads

  1. I personally like Andrew better to play Spiderman, but I like Tobey’s suit. But I like Andrew’s web shooters and gloves.

  2. Tobey’s costume is the best cos it looks AWESOME but Andrew, he has mechanical web shooters so if he was bitten by a spider, why would he even need web shooters? Tobey makes more sense. And by the way l’m Tobey biggest fan!

  3. I prefer the look of the old Tobey Maquire version, but the new costume has one advantage: mechanical web shooters! Way to kick it old school!

    • Personally, my favorite would be Andrew Garfield wearing Tobey’s outfit, slightly sculpted to accomodate his Ditko-like body type.

  4. I couldn’t decide, so I asked my pet road runner (who eats spiders for a living) which was the most appealing to him. He preferred the neonesque sheen of the new costume, so I guess that’s my vote as well…

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