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Best New Year’s Eve Movie Smackdown!

New Year’s Eve is just days away now. We know it’s an important night so we want to help you be prepared. Let’s play a “what if?”

Happy new years eve  What if your plans to take a Lear jet on a cross-country journey, toasting Dom Perignon at every time zone, fall through at the last minute? Suddenly, your options shorten and the only friend you have left who hasn’t accepted an invitation to a cool party that you can’t get into at this late date says, “Hey, why don’t we rent a couple of movies and have a double-feature?” Well, if that happens, we’ve assembled a list of ten films that all either take place on New Year’s Eve or have scenes and plot points that take place at that time. We’ve even put them in this great new incredibly zazzy poll so you can help sway those undecideds who end up staying-at-home.

Maybe before you vote you want to check out the two Smackdowns we’ve already done on this topic. Sherry Coben smacks Diner (1982) -vs- The Apartment (1960) and Mark Sanchez smacks Bridget Jones’s Diary (2001) -vs- When Harry Met Sally (1989).


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When Harry Met Sally @ Movie Smackdown

 Diner @ Movie Smackdown

Aside from the ten films above, some of the New Year’s Eve themed runner’s up include: Waiting to Exhale (1995), Trading Places (1983), Elegy (2007), Assault of Precinct 13 (2005), About Last Night (1986), Strange Days (1995), An American in Paris (1951), The Hudsucker Proxy (1994), Rosemary’s Baby (1968), Holiday (1938), End of Days (1999) and, of course, the original Ocean’s Eleven (1961) and the re-make Poseidon (2006). 

In any case, whatever you end up doing on New Year’s Eve, we hope it’s a rockin’ good time. We’ll wave at you from the jet when we cross your time zone…

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6 Comments on Best New Year’s Eve Movie Smackdown!

  1. I’ll warm the chair for Sherry. Godfather, Part II and Sunset Boulevard give News Year’s Eve all the brittle empty ceremony that makes the occasion a turn-off for me.
    Anymore, if I can sit through a double-feature that’s an achievement.

  2. So many great films, so little time. The Apartment and Boogie Nights would be my New Year’s Eve picks only because I’ve seen Godfather 2 probably five times in the last four months so I’m willing to take a temporary pass and because Sunset Boulevard is so familiar at this point I practically move my lips. But man, what a tremendous double double feature that would make. I’ve made my affection for The Apartment abundantly clear elsewhere on this site.
    Boogie Nights and The Apartment. Perfect. Adult. Smart. Insightful.
    I don’t drink and I’m not much of a party animal…so that’ll make for the perfect evening. I’ll save my other two faves for New Year’s Day. Keep your Rose Parade and your football games; I’ll be getting ready for my close-up, Mr. DeMille while cooking up some pasta for our next double feature, Godfather Two and Sunset Boulevard, and I’ll be able to leave the room to stir the sauce without missing a beat.

  3. The entire “Lord of the Rings” trilogy, with a break for the ball drop.

  4. OK, as usual I’m really bad at reading directions….you’ve made my New Year’s — I get to pick BOTH cataclysmic tragedies! 🙂

  5. Wow, this list includes some of my all time favorites — including Sunset Blvd and Godfather Part II. But in terms of New Year’s, I’m torn between two meltdowns — the Boogie Nights murder-suicide vs. a cruise ship capsizing. Hell, I’m going with Poseidon!

  6. I voted for Diner and The Godfather and I may just watch them again because of it. Gotta show my support!!

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