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Sherry’s Top Ten of 2009

Sherry Coben  My List Surprised Even Me         

I’m fairly certain I’ve forgotten
something, and the order shifts every few minutes. Still, at this moment
in time, I’m sticking to this list, such as it is. Publish or perish. You’ll
notice no romantic comedies made my top ten; many of them would make my bottom
ten if I were cruel enough to make one. Cough cough, I’m talking about you, My Life In Ruins and Ugly Truth. Are your ears
burning? Also absent are the blockbusters. I’ve told you before: Action and CGI
leave me cold (not to mention a little lonely and outnumbered here on
Movie Smackdown). Here goes nothing. (If I've smacked them before, I'll include a link in case you want more of my ranting.)



10. A Serious Man


 This inclusion surprised me most of all. I guess it wasn’t
the best year ever.


9. Duplicity


 I know. I know. I’m all alone out on this limb.


8. Where The Wild Things Are

Beautiful. Evocative. Timeless.


7. Fantastic Mr. Fox

Practically perfect in every way.


6. Michael Jackson: This Is It
The most I’ve cried in a movie theater all year. Profoundly


5. Me And Orson Welles

Absolutely entertaining. Captured a place and a time I’d happily
revisit. God Bless Christian McKay.


4. The Boys: The Sherman Brothers Story

The finest documentary of the year. And no one saw it
because of crippling distribution problems. Catch it on DVD.
 You’ll thank me.


3. Hurt Locker

Gut-wrenching. Flawed. Must-see.


2. Up In The Air

Smart. Funny. Touching.


1. In The Loop

Best script to come along in a decade. Scathing. Brilliant.
Incisive. Hilarious.


Honorable Mention: Crazy Heart, An Education, Invention of
Lying, the Julia parts of Julie and Julia

Movies I Have Yet To See That I Suspect Might Very Well Land
on My List
: White Ribbon, Last Station, Everlasting Moments

About Sherry Coben 77 Articles
A comedy writer who created the 1980s hit show Kate & Allie, Sherry Coben — tired of malingering in development hell — has enjoyed coaching a high school ComedySportz team in SoCal, making a no-budget, high-ambition webisode series, and biting the hand that feeds her.

5 Comments on Sherry’s Top Ten of 2009

  1. Duplicity was a throwback all right…to adult romantic thrillers they just don’t make any more since Audrey Hepburn and Cary Grant aren’t around…I’d include Charade in your litany. I think the limb wouldn’t be so underpopulated had the film been released later in the year…or supported by the studio. For whatever reason, it’s something of an orphan this awards season unlike other films that arrived early and/or tanked a bit at the B.O. Films like Public Enemies and Funny People and 500 Days of Summer are getting promoted like crazy.
    Listmaking is an intriguing exercise meant to encourage discourse. I appreciate our differences, Beau, and stand by our intrinsic rights to respectfully coexist in this virtual little world.
    I’m not sure even I’ll ever watch Hurt Locker again by the way. It’s too excruciating. I do love war movies though and rarely miss an opportunity to rewatch Ken Burns’ Civil War, Band of Brothers, The Longest Day, Gallipoli, All Quiet on the Western Front, and many others included in my personal pantheon. Surprised? Does that fit my profile?

  2. Sherry, this list is SOO you.
    I have to say: you are NOT OUT ON A LIMB with Duplicity, it was a lovely film that harkened back to those lovely, witty classics like Bringing Up Baby or North by Northwest with chemistry-driven actors like Cary Grant and Eva-Marie Saint or whoever the best doll actress was at the time pushing it hard, witty, and sexy. I absolutely loved it, and Tom Wilkinson is just AMAZING. I love his monologue on being “first.”
    Also, Where The Wild Things are. I really would’ve put this in mine BUT I need more time to digest it. The films in my list I’ve seen at least three or four times, so I can really attest to their value and impact on me and, I think, film as a whole. I believe in time Where The Wild Things Are will arrive there.
    Also, In The Loop? I’m aching to see it. Can’t wait.
    However, I was not a fan of The Hurt Locker at all.

  3. Sci-fi isn’t exactly my wheelhouse, Randal. Besides, that genre seems more than adequately covered by all the testosterone carriers on this site.

  4. I like this list a lot but I guess you don’t like sci-fi as ‘District 9’ , ‘Paranormal Activity’, ‘Avatar’, were all more worthy than the the ‘shopping is so mundane after you have defused a few hundred bombs’ flick. And “Zombieland” and “Star Trek” were extremely entertaining, as well.
    Speaking of genre movies, ‘500 Days of Summer’ was very well written and the acting was superb.

  5. I think this is a very good list. I missed Hurt Locker and In the Loop, but now I want to see them even more, because I trust your judgment based on the selection and placement of the other eight highly deserving films.

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