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Something New from the Smack!

July 21, 2008 Bryce Zabel 0

We get mail.  And some of you seem to really like the less-than-reverent way we treat the publicity stills that the studios put out to promote their films.  Armed only with an iMac, some Comic […]

The Dark Knight (2008) -vs- Batman (1989)

July 20, 2008 Beau DeMayo 24

The Smackdown This is a championship match, sure to incite and divide. It’s Gotham’s defender’s revered cinematic debut in Tim Burton and Sam Hamm’s Batman versus the sequel to Christopher Nolan’s & David Goyer’s Batman […]

Hellboy II (2008) -vs- Hancock (2008)

July 11, 2008 Mark Sanchez 0

It really is the height of narcissism. Give a guy powers and abilities beyond those of mortal men and he can still manage to cop a bad attitude. And while neither Hulk nor Iron Man can really be accused of harboring sunny dispositions, the leading men of ‘tude in the summer of 2008 were a couple of anti-heroes on the extreme grouchy side: Hellboy and Hancock.

Which one of these charm school drop-outs made bad look good? That’s the Smack and, believe me, this battle is not for the thin-skinned. […]