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Superheroes, Spies, Sci-Fi and Other Tasty Summer Smacks!

BzeditSeems like summer is the time for super-hero sequels.  That was true last summer, of course, but this summer has shown that when they work, they really work!

Spring fizzled with the often-dismissed fourth "Indiana Jones" film but then sizzled with the outstanding "Iron Man" franchise starter.

Now, of course, we’re in the middle of "Dark Knight" mania.  We know that here at Movie Smackdown on a DNA-level because so far the film has sparked four of our critics to Smack it up against different films.

Hulk, Hellboy & Hancock.  Plus, Iron Man & Batman.  Indiana Jones and even Wesley Gibbons.  What a summer!  Throw in Zohan and Maxwell Smart for "comic relief"…

In case you’ve missed some of these great fights with these outsized characters and ideas, here they are in one list because, well, we just care:

Check ’em out. Sometimes, especially in the cases of the, shall we say, "less inspiring" films, our reviews are more fun than the trip to the theater.  Several of them have polls going if you’re the "poll-type."  And, in any case, feel free to leave comments and let us know how you see things!

Also, don’t forget to check out our new all-pictures and all-captions site: Movie Smackdown Comix!

Gotta run… thanks for dropping by… tell your friends…

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