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The 2008 Critics Choice Awards: Movie Smackdown! Edition

Even as the Golden Globes were falling apart over the on-going WGA strike, the show at tonight’s 13th Annual The Critics Choice Awards managed to go on because the event is put on by the BFCA (Broadcast Film Critics Association) and the production companies behind it are not signatory to a WGA agreement. This meant no WGA pickets, and that meant stars could attend as both nominees and presenters. The winners give us a chance to re-visit some favorite Smackdowns:

“NO COUNTRY FOR OLD MEN” took the “Best Picture” award. It also awarded Joel and Ethan Coen the “Best Director” award, and Javier Bardem took home the win for “Best Supporting Actor.” Our critics liked the film so much that they actually gave it two good Smacks.

The “Best Actor” award went to Daniel Day-Lewis for his performance in “THERE WILL BE BLOOD.” Yep, we got that one Smacked, too.

The “Best Actress” award went to Julie Christie for her performance in “AWAY FROM HER.”

Amy Ryan won the “Best Supporting Actress” award for her work in “GONE BABY GONE.”

The pregnancy film “JUNO” won the “Best Comedy” award and Diablo Cody won “Best Writer” for her screenplay.

Something’s cooking if “RATATOUILLE” managed to win “Best Animation.”

Meanwhile, “ENCHANTED” managed to win the “Best Live-Action Family Film” category.

The box office musical success, “HAIRSPRAY” won a couple of awards: “Best Acting Ensemble” and “Best Young Actress” for Nikki Blonsky. We reviewed this one twice, too.

Much as they liked “Hairspray,” the BFCA critics didn’t give it the “Best Song” award. They reserved that for “Falling Slowly” from the wonderful Irish drama, “ONCE.”

The BFCA represents several hundred critics from TV, radio and online outlets across North America. Many times their critical choices serve as a predictor of things to come at the Oscars.

The WGA-AMPTP Smackdown still hung over the event, though, as a number of people there spoke out about it, including George Clooney, who said:

“When a strike happens it’s not just writers or actors, it’s restaurants and hotels and agencies (who are affected). All the players involved should lock themselves in a room and not come out until they finish.”

I don’t know a single writer in Hollywood who doesn’t want this to happen. It’s time for the AMPTP to get back to bargaining, put something on the table, and make a deal. Producers deserve no award for their performance so far…

Congrats to all the winners and fine films highlighted at The Critics Choice Awards!

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