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Clashes of the Titans: Super-Smackdowns

Movie Smackdown! has put a lot of super-heroes into the ring against each other. Summer 2008 has already given us IRON MAN and THE INCREDIBLE HULK, but still has HANCOCK, THE DARK KNIGHT, HELLBOY II and, oh, about 32 others we’ve forgotten…


Iron Man (2008) -vs- Batman Begins (2005)


The Incredible Hulk (2008) -vs- Hulk (2003)


Here are some of our other favorite super-hero Smackdowns from seasons past:

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As an added bonus, here are three first-person posts about super-heroes on the "For What It’s Worth" web-site:

Let’s close this discussion of super-heroism with a quote from The Tick:

"I’m sure millions of viewers are wondering what it’s like to wear the tights of justice. Well, it’s tingly and it’s uncomfortable."

Guess fame has a price. Later…

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