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On The End

January 26, 2012 Adam Gentry 0

This is it.

Here we go…

Today’s screenings:

Price Check: Perennial Sundance favorite Parker Posey plays Susan, a newly hired, incredibly manic boss who turns her department upside down and inside out, wreaking particular havoc on the life of nice guy/worker-bee Pete Cozy (Eric Mabius). […]

On Early Mornings at the End

January 26, 2012 Adam Gentry 1

Four screenings on the docket today, so let’s get to ’em:

Goats: A chance to go to this Sundance screening popped up at the last minute yesterday, when a colleague offered me an extra ticket, and I grabbed it, despite it’s 9 a.m. starting time. […]

On Graffiti, Mental Athleticism, Comic Books and the French

January 25, 2012 Adam Gentry 1

Now that the weekend’s screenings and events are behind us, Park City’s a much quieter town. Personally, that’s just fine with me. As terrific as all excitement’s been, it’s nice to know I’ll be able to make it up Main Street to a screening without having to fight my way past a ton of people. It’s been warmer over the past few days, but, as I write this, it’s 18 degrees (F). That’s eighteen degrees, people. This is the kind of temperature at which your memories of the fourth grade start feeling the cold. […]

On Day 4

January 24, 2012 Adam Gentry 0

My quads are sore from walking uphill. My body grows weary of the late nights and early(ish) mornings. My… well… every fiber of my being resounds against trekking through the slush for hour after hour. […]

On Recharging

January 23, 2012 Adam Gentry 0

Fortunately, today was quite a bit warmer than the icy deluge that was Saturday night, and by warmer, I mean it was in the mid-30’s (F) with the sun out. It’s strange how fast one grows grateful for the slightest hint of sun when it’s been absent for any length of time. My Monday will be packed with screenings, receptions and post-events, but today (Sunday) evolved into an unexpected day to recharge my batteries. […]

On Park City Under Siege

January 22, 2012 Adam Gentry 2

It’s cold. No, it’s VERY cold. The first couple of days were relatively mild, with some light snowfall and rain. That’s all changed very quickly. I left the condo at 9:20 a.m., caught the bus to Main Street, and spent the next 10-15 minutes walking uphill with the snow in my face. Let’s just say I picked a lousy day to wear my glasses. My coat hat and gloves were soaked when I sat down for the first screening of the day, which was… […]

On Jumping In

January 21, 2012 Adam Gentry 0

I am pleased to report that, despite spending more than 48 hours in an environment dominated by snow, I have not yet fallen victim to that horrible beast known to Californians as “the wipeout.” Sadly, not all members of my party have known my success in matters such as these, but I, above all else, count myself truly fortunate. […]

On Arrival

January 19, 2012 Adam Gentry 2

Greetings from Park City, UT! The temperature’s currently 37 degrees Fahrenheit, the snow’s been falling fairly steadily, and the plows that clear that snow out are parked… yep, right outside the door of my condominium. Hello 6:00 a.m.! Ready to rock and roll?

The cinematic world is closing in on this little town even as I speak. Today’s a light day for me, as my screenings don’t begin until tomorrow morning. I’ve got an arm and a leg’s worth of screenings/events to cover this week, and I kinda can’t wait to dive into the pool and start swimming. Sure, the water’s cold at first, but once you’re in, you’re fine.

I’ll mostly be covering screenings at the Slamdance Film Festival, hosted at the Treasure Mountain Inn. When I’m not in the Slammer, I’ll be all over town at meetings, parties, post-events, and if there’s time, down the street at a Sundance screening or two. I’ll be bringing you highlights, buzz from around town, and a daily chronicle of my never-ending adventures. […]