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About Rodney Twelftree
Rodney is Movie Smackdown‘s Man Down Under. He’s a proud Aussie who, unlike that other famous Aussie film guy named after a reptile, does not wear a leather hat, carry a big knife or wander about in the Outback. He lives in Adelaide, South Australia and, with all the time he saves by not wandering in the Outback, he watches movie after movie. Then he writes about them because telling everyone individually what his opinions are would be too time consuming. Rodney spends a great deal of his time justifying why he enjoys Michael Bay movies.

Mr. Obama Goes to Washington

November 5, 2008 Rodney Twelftree 1

EDITOR’S NOTE, ELECTION DAY-AFTER 2008. It feels like a movie, this rise of Barack Obama.  And he did have to win a couple of tough Smackdowns to get here. Besides its compelling lead actor, this […]

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