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Oregon based media and communications consultant Mark Sanchez is on the fifth or sixth step of his recovery program from his career as a television news reporter. And that’s the way it is. Mark has been an Oregonian since the Reagan administration and shows no signs of leaving. He lives in Portland — a city that is famous for its transit system, its rain, its independent film community and, lately, for the TV series Portlandia, which Mark notes is about half-true, but to protect confidential sources he won’t say which half.

Vacancy (2007) -vs- Motel Hell (1980)

April 22, 2007 Mark Sanchez 0

The Smackdown I love films on many levels, often for the guilty pleasures they offer. I routinely staged a BAD FILM FESTIVAL back home in Portland, where “They Saved Hitler’s Brain,” “Mars Needs Women” and […]

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