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Men of Steel (Smackdown’s Superman Smashup)

If you count Christopher Reeve

as the original fully-realized film Superman in 1978’s “Superman: The Movie” (ignoring the earlier 1948 Kirk Alyn “Superman“), that makes Brandon Routh’s 2006 “Superman Returns” the reboot and 2013’s “Man of Steelthe reboot of the reboot.

But don’t forget the TV Supermans:

George Reeves from “Adventures of Superman” to John Haymes Newton and Gerard Christopher in “Superboy” to Dean Cain in “Lois & Clark: The New Adventures of Superman” to Tom Welling in “Smallville.”

Our latest Smashup pays tribute

to the reality that we’re almost getting to the point where as many actors have played Superman/Clark Kent as have played Hamlet. This is a great credit to the enduring character created by Joe Shuster and Jerry Siegel whose heirs on January 10 lost a major fight with DC Comics and Warner Brothers over the rights and their claims of ownership.

Eight of the nine Supermans of film and TV appear in our “Men of Steel” Smashup (leaving out the one-season Newton Superboy). It manages, we think, to be both funny and respectful at the same time. If you like it as much as we do, please share it with your friends.

With Edd Hall as Jor-el

as voice-talent Edd Hall comedically bends the paternal notes of Superman’s Kryptonian dad. The script sending up first “Man of Steel” trailers featuring Clark’s two dads (Sitcom? Clark’s Two Dads!) is the work of Smackdown’s own Founding Father Bryce Zabel, and it comes alive with the insane cutting energy and emotion that editor Robert Anglim brings to all these Smashups.

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It Should Go Without Saying

Movie Smackdown supports accepted copyright policy and enforcement, and strongly support artists rights. We produce these Smashups to qualify as Fair Use. We are confident that they meet all the legal standards.

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