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Arnold (2011) -vs- Arnold (1998) What’s He Thinking Now?

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Bryce Zabel, Editor-in-ChiefProbably no one will admit to this in the future, even if it’s true, but I think confession is good for the soul.

I voted for Arnold Schwarzenegger. Twice.

Honestly, I did it because I felt that his oversize personality allowed him to push past the stupid party animosities that were bankrupting California. For a while he brought people together that weren’t together at all, and he kept trying. So there’s that.

But, of course, it’s not enough, even if you’re an Arnold fan outside of the movies. Clearly we haven’t heard the end of the story cycle and more “shockers” will dribble out, but the whole thing feels icky. At least this happened when he was out of office. You can just freaking imagine the media circus this would be if he was still up in Sacramento.

While catching a few episodes of Mary Hart’s week long goodbye at Entertainment Tonight, I can tell you Arnold is big news over there. It’s messed up business. I found myself feeling turned off and sad simultaneously while watching the unflattering photos of the mother, the pixelated face of hers and Arnold’s son and, even more weirdly, those clips of Maria discussing her pregnancy with Jann Carl on ET at the same time the other woman was pregnant with Arnold’s child, too.

So I made use of the artistic expression provided by our Smackdown Comix! It’s for all of us who have wondered:

What must he be thinking now?

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1 Comment on Arnold (2011) -vs- Arnold (1998) What’s He Thinking Now?

  1. Not even another Terminator film will get him out of THIS one….

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