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The Hits Keep Coming!

According to SiteMeter, Movie Smackdown has set a new record for site traffic for the eighth month in a row!




This screen capture which follows shows that every month this year has set a significant new record. Naturally, there are places that get what we get traffic-wise in a month in a day or an hour, but the trend’s good. If we were a stock, we’d be on the cover of “Forbes.”




If you’re one of our regular readers (and SiteMeter says you come from all over the world), thanks for dropping by and making us part of your entertainment experience. And tell your friends that “Movie Smackdown” is the freshest way to review movies since thumbs and stars.

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Drawing inspiration from career experiences as a CNN correspondent, TV Academy chairman, creator of five produced primetime network TV series, and fast-food frycook, Bryce is the Editor-in-Chief of "Movie Smackdown." While he freely admits to having written the screenplay for the reviewer-savaged "Mortal Kombat: Annihilation," he hopes the fact that he also won the Writers Guild award a couple of years ago will cause you to cut him some slack. That, plus the fact that he has a new StudioCanal produced feature film, “The Last Battle,” shooting this summer in Europe about the end of World War II. He's also a member of the Directors Guild, Screen Actors Guild, and a past enthusiast of the Merry Marvel Marching Society. His new what-if book series, “Breakpoint,” just won the prestigious Sidewise Award for Alternate History, and has so far tackled JFK not being assassinated and The Beatles staying together.
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