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Christian Bale as Batman -vs- Little David as Spider-Man

Remember the angry f***-word rant that Christian Bale went on a few years ago? How about little David, the kid coming home from the dentist, stoned out of his mind?

We’ve never forgotten them. We’ve just dressed them up in costume. Our latest Smashup — Masks Off: The Amazing Spider-Man -vs- The Dark Knight Rises — really does need to be seen, and it’s almost guaranteed to be a big laugh.


If you like it as much as we think you might, please do tell your friends. Like everyone else in the world, we want our inappropriate behavior and bad taste validated by large numbers of people who agree with us! Here’s the URL:

This is our fourth Smashup. Our others include Microbes from Hell, Damn Dirty Apes and Bums of Steel, each and every one of them just waiting to be seen from behind a broken fourth wall.

Masks Off features the voice talent of the insanely subversive Edd Hall (The Tonight Show). Edited by the University of Oregon’s mad genius Robert Anglim (Go, Ducks!). Written by mysterious recluses Eric Estrin and Bryce Zabel. Smackdown art by Graphics Woman! Lynda Karr. Apologies to everyone else.

We’re all very proud of these videos. Unless you’re an attorney for Warner Brothers in which case we have no idea who’s behind this tasteless mess. 🙂

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