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Our Smack Tribute to National Donut Day… and More!

Iron Man would like to remind you that today is National Donut Day. We don’t ordinarily pay attention to such matters but while zapping through all the news channels this morning Fox had a reporter on location at a donut shop so we figured it must be important. We also remembered this great still photo from Iron Man 2.

With the pressing donut issue dealt with, we would also like to remind the handful of people out there who are not aware of this fact that X-Men: First Class is playing on like 14-billion screens today. We will also be Smacking that new film down against X-Men, the first film in the series.

Kevin Wohler is all over that one and he’s braving a re-enacted Cuban Missile Crisis to bring it to the Smack… soon…

Meantime, here’s a little something to hold you over:

X-Men: First Class (2011)

And speaking of dramatic re-enactments of the Cuban Missile Crisis, and keeping with our just wrapping up Smack Classix Week on Alien Contact, we offer this YouTube. It’s the scene from the NBC series Dark Skies where J.T. Walsh, playing MJ-12 leader Frank Bach, explains the Cuban Missile Crisis to his newbie Man-in-Black John Loengard, played by Eric Close. After seeing X-Men: First Class, we even think this one kind of makes sense!

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