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The FilmGuruWhen Bryce asked me to come aboard the Movie Smackdown! juggernaut, my first thought was: “Will there be free popcorn?” Because, let’s face it, being a managing editor of a website requires a lot of fuel for the fire.

For the past several years, I’ve been banging out reviews over at FilmGuru.Net. Bryce — ever the keen salesman — offered me something my own website didn’t have. Readers.

He asked me to help him to take the Movie Smackdown! mission to the next level. He wanted to make the site even bigger, better, and more amazing than before. Then we had a brilliant idea.

Why were we working so hard? Nobody cares what two guys — albeit good-looking and brilliant guys — have to say about movies. To make Movie Smackdown! a truly unique site, we decided to let the readers help decide who wins!

So that’s the secret to Movie Smackdown! 2.0. As before, we’ll set up the smack and give you the background on the champion and the challenger. We’ll give the blow-by-blow details in the scorecard. The SmackRef will even weigh in with a judgment. But the ultimate decision? That’s up to you.

Our hope is that by opening up each new smack to your voting, we can take movie going from the passive viewing experience it has been to make it the fully engaging and interactive contact sport that God and Cecil B. DeMille always meant it to be.

Like the Coliseum where gladiators fought for the amusement of Caesar and the Roman citizenry, Movie Smackdown! is the only venue to pit two films against one another to satiate your bloodlust. We want it to be the most visceral event you can get out of going to the movies.

One film lives. One film dies. The decision is yours.

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