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MOVIE SMACKDOWN Readers Predict the Oscars!


Based on an on-going poll of our readers’ opinions about the top Oscar possibilities, here’s what you might expect when they’re announced Thursday morning, in order of votes received:

  • #1 – SLUMDOG MILLIONAIRE (30.8%)
  • #2 – THE DARK KNIGHT (26.9%)
  • #3 – GRAN TORINO (23.1%)
  • #4 – THE WRESTLER (17.3%)
  • #4 – WALL-E (17.3%)
The numbers add up to more than 100% because participating voters were allowed to pick their top three choices out of ten possible films. Three of our films tied for the fourth (and fifth) position.

Some high-profile films failed to excite our readers. The following films didn’t make the cut: MILK, THE READER, DOUBT, REVOLUTIONARY ROAD, and FROST/NIXON.

If we turn out to be right, remember you saw it here first. If it goes differently, well, our readers are generally much more sophisticated than the average Academy voter.

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  1. Biggest disappointments for me: No Sally Hawkins, No Springsteen. Doubt ensemble the most over-nominated perhaps ever. Most Thrilled to see Richard Jenkins on the list. Well-deserved. Expect a very Slumdog night…with Button taking a lot of technical categories.

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