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Our Completely Unscientific Polling Data That Will Still Amuse and Enlighten

After the Obama-Clinton slugfest this year, we all know that polls have their limitations.  And we know that blog polls are even more unreliable than most.  Still, we’re drawn to doing polls more often on Movie Smackdown! these days.  It just seems like a site that reviews two films in competition with each other is a natural for a little reader participation.  Here are some poll results “just in”…

In the battle of the superhero sequels, The Dark Knight is basically kicking the ass of Spider-Man 2.  Seems that fans favor the new Batman film by a two-to-one margin.  Even after being up for a month, the numbers on this poll have remained in even proportion no matter how many people vote:  66% to 33%, more or less consistently.  This has been our most popular poll to date, blowing past the fairly substantial number of voters in last season’s Christmas poll where all our critics joined together in a super-Smackdown to pick the best holiday film.

As for who makes the better Joker, it’s been a Heath Ledger blow-out of Jack Nicholson with voters favoring Heath over Jack by a consistent 4-1 margin, about 80% to 20%, give or take, depending on the day.

Meanwhile, Hellboy and Hancock are in a pretty close race, although Hellboy has the slight lead at the moment, currently 53% to 46%.

Read on to get some Olympian size drama…

One piece of fascinating polling drama in this Olympics year has been a sports poll we’ve got going to let fans tell us which film (“Without Limits” or “Prefontaine”) best portrays track legend Steve Prefontaine.
In this one, incredibly, the lead has see-sawed back and forth on a
near-weekly basis and currently after being up for over a month, the
lead has ended up in an actual tie, 50% to 50%.  Each film has its
partisans, no doubt, but this battle has been like the Democratic

All these polls are still open and you’re welcome to
vote in them and lobby your friends and fellow fans.  Just click on any
of the above links, they’ll take you the actual Smackdowns, and the
polls are at the end.

By the way, here’s my own poll on our polls.  Based on our site traffic and our poll participation, about 100 people visit Movie Smackdown for every person who votes.  So, go ahead, be a leader, and stake your position!

Catch you later…

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