Golden Globes Get Smacked Around Good!


Over here at Movie Smackdown! we've already put seven of the ten Golden Globe "best picture" nominees in the ring against worthy opponents.  

If you're new to the Smack, this might be a good way to check out the site and get to know some of our SmackRefs, especially two of our most prolific and keen observers, Sherry Coben and Mark Sanchez.

The way it works around here is that we take a film that's out in the theaters (or, in this case, nominated) and put it up against a related movie for a little film-on-film competition.  No thumbs or stars here, just a slug-fest with a winner declared at the end.  Links below.

Best Motion Picture, Drama

Best Motion Picture, Musical or Comedy

By the way, our hosting service, Typepad, has just added the new feature of threaded commenting.  You may disagree with some of our SmackRefs or want to add to their reviews.  Fire when ready!  And thanks for dropping by!   From the Editor: Bryce Zabel

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  1. I just read through about five of these in a row. You guys should really get this idea out there more. It should be in a newspaper or magazine. Anyway, good work!

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